About Us

About Key to Health Chiropractic, Our Trusted Chiropractors in East Stroudsburg, PA

At Key to Health Chiropractic, we believe that the best healthcare outcomes result from quality relationships. We want to get to know you so we can better understand how to serve your needs. We also want you to get to know us. As your chiropractor in East Stroudsburg, PA, we want you to feel comfortable coming to us with all your chiropractic needs.

Key to Health Chiropractic Welcomes you to Chiropractic Care.

Chiropractic Care – A Different Approach to Healthcare

Standard medical care focuses on finding the most direct way to cure disease and/or alleviate the symptoms of the disease. Often the most obvious choice in medical care is prescription medication and/or surgery. And most of the time you do not receive treatment until you already have the disease.

In chiropractic care, we strive to reduce your risk of disease and injury in the first place. We believe that your body is incredibly effective at healing itself – as long as the right conditions are present for it to do so. It is our job as your chiropractic team to help create those conditions, giving you the treatments and support you need to achieve optimal health. The healthier you are, the less likely you are to develop the disease in the first place.

It is an unfortunate reality with the modern medical care that often the treatment creates more problems than it solves. Surgery and medications have serious side effects and may fail to achieve the relief you want and need.

At Key to Health Chiropractic, we take a different approach. We use gentle, non-invasive, and most importantly, treatments that are mostly free of side effects to improve your health. Our team can often help you feel better, relieve your pain and encourage healing, without the need for surgery.

Treatment Fundamentals – Help from Our Trusted Chiropractors

At Key to Health Chiropractic, we focus on treatments that get results without doing harm. These include:

  • Chiropractic Adjustments - Using specialized chiropractic techniques, we can help your body return to its proper alignment. Subluxations, or misalignments in the spine, can cause pressure to build on nerves in the spine, which can lead to pain, discomfort, numbness, loss of sensation and other negative symptoms. Chiropractic adjustments can help realign your vertebrae and in turn relieve the symptoms caused by subluxations.
  • Corrective Exercises - We can instruct you in corrective exercises that will help to strengthen the area around your injury, which will speed up healing time and help to prevent similar injuries in the future.
  • Lifestyle Advice - True health requires a nutritious diet and exercise. We can help you develop healthy lifestyle habits in a way that is customized to your unique circumstances.

Come Meet Your East Stroudsburg Chiropractor

The best way for you to get to know us is to come in for an appointment. We are ready and waiting to help you feel better – for the long-term. Please contact us at (570) 476-4100 today to schedule an appointment with our Chiro staff. We look forward to meeting you!